Conference Theme: New Trends in Complex Systems Engineering

Program Day 1 (Oct. 30 2023, Monday:Keynotes from France, Norway and China)

8:30 9:00 Welcoming Coffee
9:00 9:10

Welcoming by the General Co-Chairs of CSDM 2023

9:10 9:20

Welcoming by the Organizing Committee Chair & the Program Committee Co-Chairs

9:20 9:50

Keynote 1:Prof. Daniel KROB (CEO of CESAMES, FRANCE)

Systemic Digital Twins: the Example of the Transformation of Dunkirk’s Port

9:50 10:20

Keynote 2:Dr. Zhongyan QIAN (COMAC, CHINA)

10:20 10:50 Coffee break and Sponsors & Partners Booths Visits
10:50 11:20

Keynote 3:Prof. Guy A. BOY (CentraleSupélec, FRANCE)

Human Systems Integration

11:20 12:20

Gold Sponsors Success Stories (Dassault Systèmes, Pure Systems and  AVIC Digital)

12:20 13:30 Lunch Break and Booth Visits 

Contributed Talks

Contributed Talks

DS Workshop

13:30 13:45

An Architectural Design and Architectural Transformation Method Based on the Complex Real-time Embedded Systems(Hongxin JI)

Research on Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation for Aircraft Electric Power System(Danyang WANG)

Dassault Systèmes Workshop

13:45 14:00

The Research on the Task Scheduling and Optimization Technology for Flight Tests (Gang XIAO)

An Assumption of R&D Method Driven by Model and Data(Wenming SONG)

14:00 14:15

A Systems Engineering Framework that Integrates Aircraft Final Assembly Design Activities(Tao LI)

Research on the Model-Based Process and Method for Aviation Equipment Requirement Demonstration(Siyang TAN)
14:15 14:45

Study of MBSE Development Framework for Flying Cars (Lei ZHANG)

Model-based Embedded Radar System Software Development and Verification(Yue TAN)
14:45 15:00

Model Compression Method Based on Knowledge Distilling and Adversarial Learning(Ming DU)

Model-based Design Method and Practice of Avionics System Architecture in Civil Aircraft(Xinyi TANG)

15:00 16:00 Coffee Break and Booth Visits 

Contributed Talks

Contributed Talks

DS Workshop

16:00 16:15

Model Based Analysis and Verification Method for Helicopter System Performance Requirements(Ji XIN)

Applying Systems Thinking and Architectural Thinking to Improve Model-Based Systems Engineering Practice: Concepts and Methodology(Zhe WANG)

Dassault Systèmes Workshop

16:15 16:30 Design of Ground Integrated Testing Equipment based on MBSE(Delong CUI)

Top-Down Military System-of-systems Design using MBSE based on UAF: A Case Study(Naihao LIU)

16:30 16:45

Enterprise Modeling for Architecture-Centric Production Systems Planning(Jiaheng SUN)

Risk Assessment Method of Aircraft Engine Product Supply Chain based on AHP Analysis(Jian-Hua YU)

16:45 17:00

An Adaptive Assembly Process Modeling Approach for Aircraft Manufacturing: Distinguishing Between Product-specific Constraints and Optimal Assembly Sequences(Lei HE)

A SysML-based Architecture Framework for Helicopter(Le WANG)

18:30 20:30 Conference Dinner (Banquet)

Program Day 2 (Oct. 31 2023, Tuesday: VIP INCOSE from China and France)

8:30 9:00 Welcoming Coffee

Contributed Talks

Contributed Talks

9:00 9:15

Design Method of Task Meta-model of Avionics System Architecture Based on DM2 (Cong CHEN)

Investigation of a Model-based Approach to a Grid Fin System Design(Wenfeng ZHANG)

9:15 9:30 Research and Application of Decoupling Method for Fuel System Testing in the Final Assembly Stage of Aircraft Complex Systems(Bo YE)

Research and Application of Model-based Aircraft Complex Function Analysis Method (Liu MENG)

9:30 9:45

Research on the Concept of MAV/UAV Cooperative Combat Based on UAF (Shuang ZHANG)

Enterprise Modeling for Architecture-Centric Production Systems Planning (Jiaheng SUN)

9:45 10:00

A Method for Generating Radar System Logical Architecture Models Based on Domain Ontology (Chang LI)

A Unified SoS and System Architecture Modeling Framework Based on Grid-type MBSE Methodology(Yuqiang GUO)

10:00 10:15

A Novel MBSE-based Design Method for Search and Rescue Humanoid Robots(Mengyue WANG)

Building A Unified Model-based SoSE and SE Tool-Chain Framework Economically Based on Data Exchange Mechanisms(Yuqiang GUO)

10:15 10:30

Design and Modeling of Nuclear Power Inspection Robot Based on MBSE(Jia ZHANG)

Architecture Design of Model-Based Land Combat Equipment System(Qiang LIU)

10:30 10:45

PRODEC-based Task Analysis for the Design of Semi-automated Trains(Yang SUN)

A Generalized Reuse Framework for Systems Engineering(Gan WANG)

10:45 11:00


An Effective Approach for Model-Based Radar System Architecting  (Jiaheng SUN)

11:00 11:15 Talk 9 Talk 9
11:15 12:00

Coffee Break & Booths Visits

12:00 12:15

Conclusion CSD&M 2023

13:00 14:00 Lunch Break and Partners Booth Visits and INCOSE Beijing Summit to Start
14:00 14:40

Keynote 4:Prof. Feiyue WANG (Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA)

14:40 15:20 Keynote 5:Prof. Antoine RAUZY (NTNU, NORWAY)

Towards Simulated System Architecture with Sigma

15:20 16:00

Keynote 6:Wen ZENG  (General Manager, AVIC Digital, CHINA)

16:00 16:20 Coffee Break and  Booth Visits
16:20 17:00

Keynote 7:Dr. Wenfeng ZHANG (Aerospace System Engineering Institute, CHINA)

17:00 17:40

Keynote 8:Dr. PIerre VIALETTES (Airbus China, EU)

Airbus China Digital Manufacturing Optimization: Achievements and Challenges

16:30 17:00

Conclusion INCOSE Beijing Summit and Presentation CSD&M 2024

17:40 18:00 Conclusion INCOSE Beijing Summit and Presentation CSD&M 2024

Extra Program (Nov. 1 2023, Wednesday)

8:30 12:00 Field Visit to Beihang University(Shahe)

Gather in the lobby of venue hotel


Depart from venue hotel

10:00 Arrive at Beihang University (Shahe)  
10:00 12:00 Technical visit
1.Integrated Digital Aircraft Research and Education Center
2.4 meters×3 meters Aeroacoustic Wind Tunnel
3.Future Aero Engine Collaborative Design Center
12:00 13:00 Lunch 
13:00 14:00 Return to venue hotel

Please click here to see the full technical visit program