Beijing Civil Aircraft Technology Research Institute(BATRI) of COMAC



  • Zhang Chi, Ph.D. graduate student of Innovation Leading Engineering of Tsinghua University and currently an expert of Beijing Civil Aircraft Technology Research Institute(BATRI) of COMAC. He has been engaged in aircraft general design and model-based system engineering (MBSE) application research for a long time. He has participated in the demonstration of next generation regional airliner, long-distance wide-body airliner and the aircraft management of C919. Head of R&D project of "LingQue" series technical flight demonstrator. Main social part-time members of Chinese Youth Science and Technology Workers Association, members of Beijing Youth Federation, vice chairman of Changping Youth Federation.

  • The main honors include the torch bearer of Beijing Winter Olympic Games in 2022, the most beautiful scientific and technical worker in Beijing in 2022, the member of National Youth Civilization, the person of Beijing Science and Technology Festival, the top ten young talents of COMAC, the collective leader of Shanghai May-4th Medal, the winner of 2050 Youth Award and the Science and Technology Innovation Award for COMAC.