WANG Junli

Secretary General

Chinese Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (CSNAME)



Wang Junli, Researcher, is currently the senior executive of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited, the secretary general of the Chinese Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, the expert enjoying the special government allowance of the State Council, the member of the special expert groups of "Deep-sea Technology and Equipment" of the National Key Research and Development Program, and the technical expert of transportation and marine equipment of the Ministry of Science and Technology. He organized a batch of major national projects and national key research and development projects such as marine nuclear power platforms, deep-sea technology and equipment, deep-sea space station, and "Jiaolong" manned submersibles. He also organized, demonstrated, and implemented a batch of Special Projects of high-tech ships, including optimization and technology-upgrading development on series of oil tanker and container ships, large floating production storage and offloading (FPSO), and 300-400 feet jack-up drilling platform. All these projects have achieved remarkable economic and social benefits.