Secretary General
China Electrotechnical Society (CES)



Born in April 1963, Mr. Han Yi is a member of CPC. He holds a bachelor’s degree and is a national senior human resources manager. Currently he is a member of the Party Committee Council, Party Branch Secretary, and Secretary-General of China Electrotechnical Society (CES).

Mr. Han Yi has served as Director of the Office, Director of the personnel Department and Secretary-General of CES. Long-term engaged in science and technology management of electrical engineering and familiar with the management of scientific communities, he organized several large domestic and foreign academic exchanges, science expo and other activities in the field of electrical engineering. He also initiated and completed a host of projects, e.g., Research on Reforms of Mechanisms and Ways of Governance of China’s Scientific and Technological Associations of China and assumed a member of CAST Project Review Expert Panel under frequent invitation, participated in drafting National Indicators for Evaluation on Social Organizations of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and appointed as an expert on social organization evaluation by Ministry of Civil Affairs.