Pearl JWO

Head of Int'l Dvpt Focus Asia



Specialized in Great China affairs, Pearl has lived/worked on three continents (Asia, Europe and North America) as international project manager, head of strategy & development and board administrator. Native Chinese (writing both traditional and simplified characters), fluent in English and in French, she has been working for both private and public institutions and suceeding large-scale projects particularely for France-China and Europe - Asia Pacific exchanges. 

Skilled in artistic, cultural, institutional and business fields with long-year experiences, Pearl is happy to have contributed in intercultural comprehension and to have achieved several big contracts. 2 examples here: a French-China tourism consulting contract signed and realized and the Zhejiang-Alpes-Maritimes Cooperation (official in French national level) Agreement which is still operational today ( cosigned with Mr. XI Jinping in 2004 ).

Now over ten years working at CESAMES (Center of Excellence on Systems Architecture, Management, Economy and Strategy), Pearl continues to develop its international affairs and helps on implementing CESAMES's MBSE with CESAM method & trainings elsewhere needed.