QIAN Zhongyan

Lecture Title: Applied MBSE Progress of Chinese Commercial Aircraft

Lecture Summary/Abstract:

In the development of high-end and complex civil aircraft product, a series of challenges have been faced for a long time. In recent years, COMAC has carried out a series of explorations and applications around Agile Model-Based Systems Engineering (aMBSE), a methodology that emphasizes a unified authoritative source-of-truth system model as well as a spiral iterative R&D model, using a graphical-based modeling language to improve communication and R&D efficiency, and to simultaneously acquire the system requirements as well as the design decisions to meet the requirements. Simulation of the system model can be used to verify functionality and performance and optimize choices. Therefore, through the application of aMBSE, it can improve the correct understanding and definition of problems, strengthen the accurate definition and delivery of requirements, and improve the access to and control of the whole system, thus realizing the effective management of product lines.


Zhongyan Qian, Ph.D. in Engineering/Philosophy and Researcher. He is the Director and Deputy Party Secretary of COMAC Beijing Aircraft Technology Research Institute(BATRI); Chairman and General Manager of COMAC TIMES (Shanghai) Aviation Co., Ltd. He has served as the Director, Executive Deputy Chief Designer of System Engineering and Project Management Department of COMAC, Deputy General Manager of System Engineering for the C919 Passenger Aircraft Project and the Long-Range Wide-Body Aircraft Project; Deputy Chief Designer of C919 Large Passenger Aircraft. He is the Executive Deputy Director of Shanghai Commercial Aircraft System Engineering Technology Innovation Center. He is a member of the 10th and 11th Councils of the Chinese Society of Systems Engineering; member of the S-18 System Safety Committee, SMC G-33 Configuration Management Committee, and G-47 System Engineering Committee of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). He is the author of "COMAC System Engineering Manual", translator of "Commercial Aircraft System Engineering - Specific Field Applications", and has published over 50 papers in domestic and International, SCI, EI, and core journals and conferences. He has received honors such as the COMAC Science and Technology Progress Award, and the title of "Outstanding Contribution Individual" from COMAC.